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5 lessons from this bull market

Five years in, here's what we've learned from the market's astonishing rise from the ashes of the financial crisis.
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4 home insurance mistakes to avoid

It may be tempting if you need some cash, but it's best to leave your home insurance policies alone. Here's why.
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10 things to know about Roth accounts

Creating a tax-free stream of income is a powerful retirement tool. Here's the scoop on Roth IRAs and 401k's.
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Inside 4 beaten brands

Stores and eateries often find consumer tastes can be fickle. Here's what went wrong at some popular names.
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10 steps to reducing your credit card debt

Do you owe more money on your credit cards than you have in your emergency savings? You're not alone -- and the situation isn't hopeless.
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How -- and why -- to launch a side business

Here are some reasons you should consider starting a business on top of your full-time job.
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7 warning signs your finances need help

If you’re missing bills payments and not saving, it’s time for a financial check-up.
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Winter Weary? 6 Ways to Cheer Up

Sunset in a winter parkSick of winter yet? The harsh winter has  left schools and governments closed, thousands without power and even the usually-sunny South at an icy standstill. It’s also caused a cabin fever outbreak of record proportions.

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Getting your retirement plan in order

Simplifying your savings strategy and organizing your investments can help you avoid some tax landmines. Here's how to get started.
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CVS to Stop Sales of All Tobacco Products

By Michael Felberbaum and Tom Murphy, AP Business Writers

CVS, the nation’s second-largest drugstore chain, is kicking the habit of selling tobacco products as it continues to shift its focus toward being more of a health care provider.

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9 ways to raise your credit scores

For something that few people track regularly, credit scores resonate throughout your financial life. Here's how to give them a boost.
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7 Ways to Fight Your Sugar Addiction

iStock_000017525426MediumFor those of us with a sweet tooth — which appears to be most of the country — the newest research carries some bitter news: Americans eat way too much sugar and it’s killing us.

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5 ways to cut your investment fees

Most investors remain blissfully unaware of the hundreds of dollars they pay in fees each year. Here are five ways to keep more of that money in your portfolio.
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Put the Future Value of Money to work

We all need an incentive to save. Dr. Robert Weagley from the University of Missouri's Office for Financial Success brilliantly charts the Future Value of Money.

The moral of the story? Start saving. NOW. No matter where you're at. Then don't touch it. Review your monthly statements and watch your starting balance grow.

Read the full article & see the simple chart.  Get inspired.

Your 10-step plan to financial recovery

When you've hit bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. Here's how to get on the road to financial well-being.
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Planting for future

Darin Stanley, 28, says he's had a hankering to farm since he was 12 and moved to a farm east of Conrad after his mother remarried.
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MyRA — Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

A day after President Barack Obama gave the go-ahead for the Treasury Department to create a “starter” savings account, experts are weighing whether it will be worthwhile or just another ignored investment tool.

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Considering a Roth IRA? Check state taxes first

If you live in a high-tax state such as New York but plan to retire to an income-tax haven like Florida, a Roth IRA may not make sense.
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The magic of compound interest

Saving even just a small amount of money every week can eventually turn into a sizable pile of cash over time.
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5 credit tips for college students

There's a lot to do when you go off to college, and managing credit is usually far down the to-do list. It's important to learn how to use credit cards, though.
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