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MFEC's 2014 Conference: Financial Security for a Lifetime

The Montana Financial Education Coalition presents

Financial Security for a Lifetime

The 2014 MFEC Statewide Conference and Resource Fair will host the TODAY Show's Jean Chatzky as the Keynote Presenter. Ms. Chatzky is AARP’s Financial Ambassador, a best-selling author, an award-winning personal finance journalist, finance editor for NBC’s TODAY show, and the host of Money Matters with Jean Chatzky on RLTV.

Fighting Health Care Fraud: The Power of One

Nurse in handcuffsCan a single federal prosecutor make much of a difference in the war against health care

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5 second-act careers to sail through retirement

Are you bored, burned out and close to retirement? It's not too late to change courses.
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Casino smoke shelters subject of new lawsuit

Just weeks after a district judge ruled they comply with the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act, smoking shelters at Cascade County casinos are the subject of a new lawsuit — this time over whether they meet state requirements for gambling spaces.
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Savvy Saving Seniors®

For many disadvantaged older adults, the path to economic security begins with basic money management. Learning how to budget, avoid scams, apply for benefits, and manage prepaid debit cards can help them stay secure and independent longer.

With support from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, The National Council on Aging (NCOA) developed the following toolkits to help professionals educate older adults about good money skills. Use them to hold a Savvy Saving Seniors® financial education workshop in your community!

10 tips to pay for college in 2014

College is still expensive and financial aid is still tricky to land, but help is available.
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Retirement planning with 3 numbers

Retirement math can be enough to drive anyone a little batty. If you've got handle on these 3 factors, though, you're off to a good start.
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Top 10 dumb debt decisions in 2014

If you want to maintain your finances this year, here are some debt moves to avoid.
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Montana $aves $caventer Hunt

Want kids to experience something innovative and different while learning about benefits of saving at the same time? Tell them about the Montana $aves $cavenger Hunt! If you are a Montana student age 14 to 19 the hunt is definitely on. Share this with the students you know.

7 realistic strategies for retirement

Preparing for the life changes retirement brings can be tricky. Here's how to ensure you'll have enough money to go forward.
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Montana bucket list: What would you add?

Tribune features reporter Kristen Inbody is currently working on a list, generated by you, to follow-up on her original Montana Bucket List.
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Veteran designation now available on Montana driver's licenses

Veterans can now add a 'veteran' designation to the front of their driver's licenses or identification cards.
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Tax Help Montana looking for volunteers

Funds from income tax returns and credits are the boost many households need to make ends meet. Tax Help Montana is looking for volunteers to help low- and moderate-income filers get every dollar they qualify for and to keep all of those dollars for their families.
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Max out your IRA now, not next April

Waiting until the last minute to contribute to your IRA means missing out on up to 16 months of potential tax-deferred gains -- which can really add up over the years.
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Do you behave like a poor person?

Many people who grow up without a lot of money are frugal when they finally have some. Others, though, seem to be making up for lost spending time.
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25 ways to improve your finances in 2014

These nuggets of financial wisdom will lead you to a richer and more prosperous new year.
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Dollars and sense: Financial literacy topic of high school class

A class of 20 high school students at Paris Gibson Education Center was asked a very simple question — how will you spend your money?
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Consider a Roth IRA for tax-free income

This Q&A answers essential questions about adding a Roth account to your nest egg.
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Timeless moves for a successful retirement

Times change, markets go up and down, and new innovations come along all the time. Still, some financial moves always make sense.
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Don't stop investing after retirement

If you've made it this far, chances are you'll live longer than average, and an overly conservative portfolio won't cut it. Here are three ways to keep your money growing through retirement, but diversified against risk.
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