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Arianna Huffington: Life Is More Than Power or Money

Arianna Huffington’s message for older Americans: Don’t define yourself in terms of money and power because someone always has more, she says. What’s way more important is your sense of well-being, wisdom and wonder.

Arianna Huffington

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Let's Get Grandma a Tablet

Many of us still fondly remember talking on the old-fashioned rotary dial phone with the curly cord. At one time, just about every home had one. But when it comes to the new forms of communications and technology, there is a digital divide between old and young that needs swift action.

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8 things new employees should never do

Complaining about your old boss or taking long lunches may be fine later -- but not now.
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Your financial health: 4 vital signs

These four numbers can help you take the pulse of your finances.
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4 vital signs of your financial health

Zero in on these four numbers to get a sense of your financial well-being.
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My Husband the Scam Victim

By Sally Hurme

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How to deal with a retirement catastrophe

These backup plans will help you weather almost any retirement obstacle.
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AARP Names Best Employers for 50+ Workers

National Institutes of Health (NIH), the world’s premiere medical research institution, has gained top honors in the search for the AARP Best Employers for Workers Over 50.  The Best Employers award program is consponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

NIH, a federal agency based in Bethesda, MD, finished third in the last Best Employers search in 2011, and succeeds Scripps Health of Southern California, which headed the list in 2022 and is runner up this year.

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States Move to Support Working Family Caregivers

Juggling work and family caregiving responsibilities is stressful, even overwhelming, because most workplaces aren’t “caregiver friendly.” I hear this all the time from my friends and colleagues who care for aging parents.

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Two New Twists in Returning Medical Scam

Robocall scamRemember those bogus offers for a free medical alert device?

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The New Piggy Bank: Your 401(k)

401k Nest EggToo many workers are using their 401(k) savings plan as a piggy bank, tapping it way before retirement for things like payi

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An Age-Friendly Home for Easy Living

Linda Broadbent shows developer Charlie Armstrong her EasyLiving Home.

Linda Broadbent shows developer Charlie Armstrong her EasyLiving Home. — Photo by Matt Eich

Guest post by Gil Klein:

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Learn How Creditors Can Snatch Your (Inherited) IRA

U.S. Supreme Court ruling has just made estate planning a lot more cumbersome for some high-net-worth parents who want to leave tax-free money in a Roth IRA to a child.

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5 keys for a smooth take-off into retirement

Five years before you leave the workforce, kick your retirement planning into full gear to ensure a successful transition.
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5 Pet Scams You Need to Know

Pet scamsThe dog days of summer go beyond just rising temperatures – at least for pet lovers.

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4 ways to invest in commodities -- and why you should

Because commodities such as coffee, oil and gold don't usually move in sync with the stock market, they can help diversify your investment mix.
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Patients Need to Know What Health Care Really Costs

Information is power, and in the hands of consumers it will transform the quality and price of health care.

iStock_000001328013MediumThat’s the prediction by health care experts today at a panel discussion sponsored by AARP and the Business Roundtable in Washington.

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Free Resources For Managing Your 401(k)

Need help with retirement? The do-it-yourself investor can find plenty of online resources to help with retirement and other types of financial planning.

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Paying It Forward: Banks Donate Homes to Wounded Vets

Julie Barcheers is on her way to becoming a first-time homeowner without having to buy a house.

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Best 'all of the above' income ETFs

These funds are free to pursue yield across varied asset classes, offering more diversity and less volatility than bonds or dividend stocks alone.
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